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Imports of iron ore Business
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Majority commodities including iron ore, non-ferrous ore, and coking coal, PCI coal, Ferrous products in lumps (hot pressed), direct reduced iron fines, scrap steel and scaling from steel rolling. We provide customs clearance, shipping, warehousing and railway service.
Shineasia professional bulk cargos operation team and perfect SOP control system are guarantees to provide outstanding port logistics services and to design customized logistics solutions.
We send exact and real time cargo status to clients by using modern communication methods, and using good management system to reduce wastages. Moreover, in order to do better cargos supervising, appointed staffs will do regular inspections.
We have the approval of the Ministry of communications of the international shipping agency qualification, including the main business for the ship's entry and exit procedures; arrange the ship berth, ship repairing diversion tug test handover, Instead of shipping bill of lading and other related procedures, provide 24 hours of quality services, provides ship, goods and other related information timely feedback to customers.