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People-Oriented, Encourage Innovations.

  As for an enterprise, to survival is the foundation, and to development is the absolute principle. A company will develop only if staffs bring into fully play their wisdom and power. We are firmly convinced that talents are the motive power of business development.

  Shineasia emphasizes on talent cultivation, and also has set up corresponding managing system that for employee training, promotion, and to help them rapid growing-up. Knowing every staff’s subordinates well enough, and to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities. Personal goals and company development are tightly coupled. Respect, trust, and caring with each one, in order to establish a health group with cohesion and centripetal force.

  Innovation is the main task for each company. Every step of development is derived by innovation. Shineasia adopts various methods to stimulate employee’s creativity. Shineasia combines both stimulation and competition into a management system, in order to optimize talent structure and to absorb qualified personnel.