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Sales Supervisor  (4 persons)

Job Description:
- Education Background: Bachelor degree or above with related major
- Gender: Men or Female
- Age: 28-35 years old
- Language Skills: CET 4 or above preferred
- Working experiences: Over 5 years of relevant logistics experience
- Strong skills in customer relations, Good communication and interpersonal skills, Great ability of logical thinking, Strong problem analysis skills and urgent problem solving skills, accept working overtime and getting business trip
- A certain degree of marketing insight, a good sense in customs service, hard working and responsibility, high teamwork spirit
- Help design logistics plans, analyze and modify SOP. Gaining a clear understanding of customs’ requirements, to assist calculating logistics budgets and analyzing logistics cost
- Responsible for qualified personnel selection and training 
- Efficient communication with internal departments to ensure businesses going smoothly 
- Salary : Negotiable
- Employment Orientation: Break Bulk Cargo Business; Container Business