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Shineasia has a professional chartered vessel operation team handling with general cargos chartering and booking space businesses, especially on the aspects of large mechanical equipment, steel products, and vehicles and minerals, we have gathered abundant knowledge and experiences through these years. Meanwhile, Shineasia charted vessel operation team has set up long-term strategic cooperation with both domestic and international shipping lines. With concerted efforts by operation team members, the average loading capacity of latest two years reaches 600,000 tons. With a rapid development of business, Shineasia will enhance shipping capacity,and to provide more professional and efficient services.

Shipping Lines:
From Main Ports Of China
Southeast Asia
Persian Gulf, Red Sea, India East & West coast
South Africa, West Africa, Northwest Africa
Mediterranean Sea,
Central America, West coast of South America
Sort of cargo :
Steel Products, Cements, Equipment and Minerals, and other bulk cargos.